30 Day Marketer by David Walker

It’s been too long, I know and please accept my apologies for this extreme gap in communication from my side…

Anyway the summer is going to fall so lets get started with new ideas and expand our business with the help of new mentors… David Walker: the author of coaching program named: 30 Day Marketer, which first appeared as Warrior Forum Special Offer in August this year.

30 Day Marketer started on September the 3rd. Live webinars are twice per week: on Monday and Wednesday. Today we will have Module 3 training webinar.

The goal, let us hear David: “Over the next four weeks, you will learn EVERYTHING
you need to earn a full time online income over eight
content-packed modules!

And what students think about this training sessions- Kevin:”I am absolutely loving your webinars. I listened to the
first as a recording but happily made it along to this
second one live.

The program will be available from David in October. Go there and Get it !

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