After Quick Start Challenge 3rd webinar….and beyond :-D

Hi Fellow Onliners and especially warm Greetings to Fellow Challengers of course,

It was really hectic. The webinar as usuall¬† full of content and because of my, earlier in the afternoon,¬† bicycle excursion, my level of stamina around midnight my time was deteriorating really rapidly, I must say… But, there is still ongoing video challenge, right now even without a deadline LOL and the traffic generation challenge till this friday including. So I can grab TWO coaching 6 months with Dean this week :-D Wow, full year coaching… Can you imagine???

Just before this post I got into the QSC forum for the first time and left my trace there… Can you find me?

And , because of the security requiremenmts, I installed some time ago a plugin called “Hide Login”. And it was working great till I have configured the SSL login requirement for my site…. And there began my downfall… And yesterday I have enabled just another security plugin for my blog, had to convert the permalinks structure in the process and after making backup copy of my access file activated the plugin and….

After that I could not get into my dashboard :-(

So this morning I disabled “hide login” and could post that piece of my mind for you :-D

Keep Your Goals and Actions Challengers,


PS Please, please please feel free to comment on this and any other issue!

PPS And I managed to broke down my site activating security plugin… So this morning is so Challenging :-P

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