Dan keeps me straight…

Hi Gals and Guys, the challenge from Dan keeps more and more challenging, I must confess…

At least for me: the video part is a bit scary? How can you impress your fellow marketer with youtube video if you have no experience whatsoever doing something like that? Fortunately, I have Cisco cam connected to my laptop and hopefully manage to use properly Camtasia editing or camstudio software to make it look less horrible :-P The weather here is great! but not for working…. And nights are full of webinars with great learning stuff and then we wake up and its time to deliver!

Talk to you later, Piotr

10 thoughts on “Dan keeps me straight…

  1. Yes, that video took me well outside my comfort zone. But I think that’s the point as Rob said. That said, we all have to find our own way through the challenge and do what works for us. Good luck Piotr.

  2. Hey Piotr,

    Don’t worry about being a bit scared of doing your first video, every single one of us had to go through that phase and the sooner you do it, the better it will be for you.

    Just hit that record button and introduce yourself and that’s it! ;-)

    All the best and good luck with your video Piotr, I know you can do it!


  3. Hi Piotr,
    Yes, it is a big step – and Camtasia is a terrific tool, but there is a learning curve for sure to use it to edit – have you considered starting out maybe a bit easier with one of the free methods of making a video? I just put up a post about how you can do a free one – just 30 seconds but very easy to use, with Animoto. Sort of a ‘beginner’ method, but that’s what I did for my first video, and it helped make it less daunting…hope that helps!

  4. Hi Piotr,

    I too find making a video a bit scary, but seeing that so many video newbies are doing it even without a video camera (which I also don’t have) I will attempt it most likely this weekend. I know I will miss the challenge but I am getting annoyed at my own fears and I need to overcome them.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Wishing you all the best in the challenge.


  5. Hi Piotr,
    I’m a bit scary too truth be told, – so I’m not sure about the video. I’m behind in this weeks work anyway on account of some problems with my hosting company that lasted a couple of days. So even if I do it, it probably won’t be on time.

    But it is good to step outside your comfort zone. I well remember from my conventional business days that all the best stuff was outside the comfort zone. It has to be if you think about it.

    Otherwise we’d all be rich and famous.

  6. Hi Piotr,

    I haven’t started on my video challenge yet. My current goal is to visit everyone’s site before the next webinar. I am not quite half way there yet. I am finding it difficult to get this done since I am finding really good sites out there within our community. Good luck with the challenge.


  7. You’re right Rob. Dean even has a post on it on his own blog.
    Piotr, I’m sure you will be fine with doing a video. It doesn’t need to be amazing – remember action is the key thing.

  8. Hi Piotr,
    You are doing fine, don’t worry! So many people take no action, and lots of people in the challenge will take no action.

    You are though, and that’s superb. Don’t worry about impressing other marketers – that’s not the idea. The idea is to get you to do things you thought were outside your reach, and it’s your personal story that counts, just like it did when Dean started, and when anyone started!
    Good luck!


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