Family gatherings…

I must tell you that its been hectic two weeks… I mean really! The 50th anniversary of my Parents and the 50 guests that they choose to be invited and dined and, because they came from other country, bedded :-P…

That was, unfortunately, my excuse to let you, my faithful, hopefully, readers down. And I am truly and really, really sorry about that… If you yourself dealing with the procrastination issues as I am, then you probably could relate. But, that is no excuse, only stating the fact. Which must be changed or workaround somehow but effectively.

Anyway, my sister with her husband came with their two younger children by car, and leaving children in my parents house, installed themselves with me :-D. And the time with them was awesome! Their attitude and life perspective is so positive and their  “no problem” life view is so refreshing that it was just like having a great holiday for me! So happy and energizing that sometimes made me wonder, how I had got so depressed before their arrival…

The main event was on 14th starting with thanksgiving mass for the 50 years together and, after that, the PARTY!!!


Talk to you soon :-P


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