May I present you…

Hi Gals and Guys,
This is Awsome, trully and really awsome
I ve just learned, my bad as I have not checked my email this week as thoroughly as I should :-P…
Anyway, back to what I have learned….
That I was drawn by Mr. Dean Holland Himself as the weeks 5 winner !!!!
of the 6-month Coaching Training !!!!
I just still can not fully grasp that idea…
Alright, alright it was a lucky draw not a real achievement on my part.. But so what? I have a lot to learn, a lot to take action, that is the clue for me I think, a lot of learning the business processes of the Internet Marketing Business and how to get the most from the coaching training provided by Dean and how to implement it ASAP to be Our next success story :-D

I will definitely keep you posted about my achievements and progress…
Please feel free to share your thoughts here!

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