New Day – new Challenges

Yesterday’s webinar with Dan, Quick Start Challenge, described aquiring traffic using free traffic methods.

If you were interested in getting traffic to your website before, you should knew them, but new perspective is always helpfull :-D, at least for me…

Anyway, the easiest part is writing comments on other blogs including backlinks to my site.

More challenging method is using social media: facebook and Twitter to generate traffic. I wonder if I will manage to use Pinterest…

I am Very interested in your thoughts about this issue, or any other somehow , or not, related :-D

Talk to you later.



8 thoughts on “New Day – new Challenges

  1. Hi Piotr,

    Have heard of Pinterest, but for now my surfing wings are clipped…..The week is to short with all the sites and blogs to visit, but find it very interesting and educational, have to tear myself away…. as I’m already running a week late…lol
    Believe it benefits your site to belong to as much as possible, but for me… that’s a later learning curve, now I will also just stick to Dean’s options.

    To your success

  2. Hi Piotr,

    I never used Pinterest. I saw the site and gave me headache, lol. I think I’ll stick with FB and Twitter for now. Good luck!


  3. Hello Piotr,
    As you say, it will be good to look into other traffic methods eventually. I have chased so many things in the past, I plan to focus on what Dean teaches us and see where that leads.

    Keep moving forward!

  4. Hi Piotr,

    I have started Week 2 also with the blog commenting and forum posting. Interested to see the traffic and have wanted to learn more about social media traffic. I haven’t had much success with social media traffic in the past but wouldn’t mind learning a simple strategy that Dean could lay out for us.

    Thanks, Shane

  5. Don’t worry too much about social media at this point as I’m sure we will all be learning a few tricks of the trade regarding that category.

    For now, let’s keep this round-robin of comments going as we have about 150 blogs to interact with and the communication hub alone will help to explode our credibility to the point where social media is looking better and better!

    Today we take the first step into tomorrow.

  6. Hi Piotr
    I was also thinking about pinterest it seems to the THE thing at the moment but will it last? Who knows. If we stick to what Dean tells us though we will be doing what does work and lasts!
    All the best

  7. Hi Piotr,

    I agree with you on social media. It happens to be my challenge as well. In fact, I haven’t tried that avenue yet. When I do attempt, I shall come back here and leave a comment again.


  8. Hey Piotr,

    To be honest I have never used Pinterest, I do have an account and I think I posted a few pictures but that was it.

    I may take another look at it since everyone is raving about it but I honestly don’t see myself using it too much since the images I use on my site, are made by myself and are not interesting at all.

    For twitter and facebook, I definitely do recommend using those.


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